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Kerry Collins didn't have an MVP season - it was all media hype. We had an undefeated team, and the first difference people saw between our team last season and this season was who was under center. They inaccurately assumed that since we had a new QB, then that meant he was the reason for the success. In reality, most Titans fans knew it was the addition of Chris Johnson that made the difference. The only thing Collins added was experience and the ability to consistently keep the defense honest.

I'm kinda "meh" on KC. On one hand, I enjoyed the success that the team was having with him at QB, and I liked not crossing my fingers every time a Titans QB passed the ball over 20-yards. On the other hand, I wasn't impressed with Collins as a QB. I didn't think the offense was any better because of Collins's doing - heck, the offensive yardage production was a wash.

Under Collins, we had 313.6 YPG on offense.
Under Young, we had 311.7 YPG on offense. Under

Under Collins, we had 176.2 YPG passing with a 6.4 YPA average.
Under Young, we had 179.9 YPG passing with a 6.6 YPA average.

Under Collins, we had 137.4 YPG rushing
Under Young, we had 131.8 YPG rushing.

The only difference is that the offense under Collins scored more points, but as I went into earlier, it was mostly because of CJ. Both VY and KC had the same amount of total TD's.

If we didn't have the best pass-blocking OL in the league, a Top 3 defense, and one of the most explosive RB's in the NFL, then Collins would have been just as much of a liability as Young was last season. He's in a perfect situation, yet he ranks in the mid-20's among QB's in almost every passing category.

I, for one, don't understand the KC>VY debate's magnitude. If VY isn't good enough to be counted on at QB, then why is KC? The Titans were 25th in completion percentage and 25th in yards per pass attempt. So not only did Collins complete a horribly low percentage of his passes, but the passes also weren't far downfield.

Kerry Collins has the better TD:INT ratio than VY, but VY had the better yards per attempt average while still having the better completion percentage. Argue over it as much as people want, those are the facts. What compounds it even more is Collins is an experienced veteran, but still doesn't significantly outperform VY.


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"Titans fans are loyal win or lose. They understand you're not losing on purpose. Titans fans have always stuck behind the team and believed it was a 60-minute game. I always appreciated them." -Jevon Kearse

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Originally Posted by MadMax
I'll tell you a better way to solve this dumbass debate:

Everybody just shut the hell up about it.

There,  problem solved.


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Originally Posted by NYTitansFan
id rather see vy on the field..he has the ability to scramble out of the pocket for postive yds where as kerry would get sacked...and as for the throwing situation...doesnt our team do little dump passes and quick slants anyway?? its not like kc is going to be hooking up with gage or jones for and 80 or 90 yd bomb either so just put vy in and let him throw a few dump passes to cj and let him do what he does best...RUN

Since Kerry was only sacked like 7 times this year.. I think Vy was sacked 4 in two games...
Kerry doesn't get sacked barely ever.. He doesn't turn the ball over After the 1st q, and he didn't fumble 2 times inside the 7 yd line..he doesn't miss the Fg..

Some of you say Kerry doesn't dominate games and your calling for VY..I ask you Wtf have you been watching..
Vy hasn't dominated a game since he ran for a 39 yd td in ot in Hou 2 years ago...
And Vy lost games for us.. Kerry didn't lose a single game because of him..not houston not the jets and definitely not the ravens... He turned the ball over what 7 times in 16 games and he touched the ball every snap for 16 games..
The obvious choice at this stage in withers career is obviosuly Kerry F'n Collins...

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If Young could play a game without making turnovers and/or sulking and wanting to come out of games, he'd be the starter right now.

As pointed out in many other threads, the issues with Young are effort and dedication to being an NFL QB.  When you half ass it effort wise in the film room and on the practice field and then screw up in games and pout about it, what do you think the other players think about that?  Especially when Collins, while having a limited upside at this point in his career, is a true professional.

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I don't think there is a debate, Fisher said they wanted Collins to return as the starter.

The only question with Young is does he return and does he play for the Titans beyond 09.

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You settle the debate by letting Jeff Fisher chose who he wants t start at QB.

Who did he pick in 2008-2009 season?

Why it was Kerry Collins.

End of debate.

Don't be a poster who write checks with their mouths that they can't keep.

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This is unbelievable. Anyone that can't see that Kerry Collins is the best solution at QB at this moment should be banned from this board from obvious lack of football knowledge. And all threads discussing this subject should be erased.


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Did any of you guys watch the final game of the season?  I was actually looking forward to seeing VY play and even though the game was meaningless as far as the season record it was a HUGE opportunity for VY to show some of that play making ability that he had.  VY was on the stage and he was playing against the Colts second string seconday and LBs.....

VY sucked.  Looked like he never played a snap at QB his whole life. Complete dud.  On the other side of the fence Sorgi was lighting it up.  Sure VY might have been a little rusty sitting on the bench sulking all season but he KNEW he was going to play the majority of the game (you think he got plenty of snaps in practice?) and we are talking about a guy in his 3rd year of NFL ball not some rookie.  VY was clueless.  He can't even run effectively anymore.  I don't even want this dunce being my backup QB and would have more faith in Chris Sims finishing a game if KC went down.

The bottom line isn't really if VY is better than KC anyway.  The bottom line is if VY is a legit NFL QB.  Also, if KC was under 30 years old there would be plenty of teams willing to make him their starting QB so the ridiculous trade scenario proves nothing.  My guess in a trade VY might bring a 3rd or 4th round pick.  Heck, if someone is really willing to give more than that we should be taking the deal NOW!.

Disclaimer - this poster is not responsible for the consequences due to his comments made about Vince Young should the Titan's QB somehow read these comments and become depressed or suicidal. This poster in no way, shape or form is responsible for VY supporter's eyes dripping with tears after reading these comments.

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I don;'t think there's much of a debate.  Message boards are bastions for people with fringe opinions to spout off their frustrations.  I know I've been there.

I've found closure on the subject. It's all over. VY ever making it as a NFL QB isn't within my frame of reference. It's a boring subject at this point and it;'s about as relevent as discussing Moon vs. Carlson. He's stil in the NFL because of his contract. The verdict is in but most of you don't know it.




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Once we settle this, who is gonna go tell Fisher which QB should start?  Oh that's right---he reads this board daily---and he values our opinions highly.  If that doesn't work maybe we can get TFC to go tell him or even draft Bongo for that job.

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Originally Posted by NYTitansFan
then tell me why he wasnt able to drive down the field after cj got injured

Someone wasnt watching the game

Add into the equasion that KC isnt going to get butthurt and go pout on the sidelines and give up...... makes you wonder why there is a debate in the first place.


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Originally Posted by HOTT

Once we settle this, who is gonna go tell Fisher which QB should start?  Oh that's right---he reads this board daily---and he values our opinions highly.  If that doesn't work maybe we can get TFC to go tell him or even draft Bongo for that job.



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Originally Posted by TitanHope
Kerry Collins has the better TD:INT ratio than VY, but VY had the better yards per attempt average while still having the better completion percentage. Argue over it as much as people want, those are the facts.
Those are outstanding facts. You just answered your own question, if you were smart enough to know it. Watch any coach at the podium after a loss, and the first thing they will talk about are turnovers. Why did we lose the Ravens game? Turnovers. So you can post all your little interesting stats to try and make your case, but as long as VY throws INT's and takes sacks it's a struggle for us to win games. This is why an average veteran like Collins can take a team like the Titans and win. You are all caught up in CJ, but guess what....most every winning NFL team has a good running back they rely on. Collins put up 36,000 passsing yards before CJ was a part of his offense. Please return to Earth.

One and done. Another Fisher year in the books.
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